Giving Up On the Pinterest Perfect Homeschool

Scrolling through Instagram sometimes we come across the “Pinterest Perfect Homeschool”. You know the one I am talking about. The one that you feel a little pang in your heart, a little wishful thought that you might like to be a child there. They always have gleaming kitchen counters with colourful banners of children’s art in the background. Baked goods cooling on the counter, while all the little ones (more than you have) have surrounded another amazing project…READ MORE

Strategies for Homeschooling a Child with ADHD

When a child has learning challenges like ADHD they may find it hard to fit into the regular public school system. Parents may get frustrated that their child is not progressing as they would have hoped, and the child may feel like they are failing at everything that they try. Although in some cases there are supports and opportunities for these kids to thrive in the system, there are also cases where this is far from the truth. Homeschooling a child with ADHD has its challenges….READ MORE 

Blending Home Study with School Programs

When school is at home, learning can happen wherever and whenever the mood strikes. Calgary Mom Alisha Brignall wouldn’t do it any other way. “The end of public-school for me was when my son wasn’t encouraged to learn things that were outside the classroom. My goal for my kids is to have a love of learning”…READ MORE


I Never Saw Myself as a Homeschooler...

Reading in PJs meets the dress code just fine; a trip to the grocery store becomes a lesson in addition and fractions; a forest walk morphs into a meditation on the circle of life. Zookeepers have time to answer loads of questions on a weekday afternoon. The same goes for gallery staff, store owners and the guy who drives the Zamboni—he might even take you for a spin on the rink if no one is watching…. READ MORE