A teacher builds positive and productive relationships with students, parent/guardians, peers and others in the school and local community to support student learning.

"She learned students names right away and started to build a rapport with them...She would check in with students, listen to student conversations and give constructive and meaningful feedback back to groups."
M. McCoy
Partner Teacher
"Alisha quickly developed positive relationships with her students. She learned information about them and used their names throughout lessons furthering the positive connections."
J. Hall
Field 3 Instructor

Building relationships with people is what I am good at. I am an empathetic person, always willing to listen to others and support them in any way that I can. 

It is very important to me to continue to act in a way that is “honouring cultural diversity and promoting intercultural understanding”. I started the Inspired conference 5 years ago because I felt that the homeschooling community was lacking inclusion, and it has been my own personal mission to support any parent that is looking for support. In my classroom experiences I have committed to myself and to my students to make sure that I am following a critical pedagogical approach that allows all of my students to see themselves represented in my lessons. I have chosen these two excepts from lesson plans to show how I put this into action. 

In all of my field experiences, my partner teachers, as well as my field instructors were able to notice that I was demonstrating empathy and a genuine caring for others”. From the moment that I entered the classroom I would treat the students as I would want my own children to be treated in the classroom. The Ted talk Every Kid Needs a Champion by Rita Pierson, reminded me that even though I may be having an off day, the students that I am mentoring and encouraging need to be supported by caring people every single day. 

Finally, my partner teachers and field instructors also mentioned in my assessments that I was “acting consistently with fairness, respect and integrity” when interacting with my students. It is very important to me to have a classroom culture that is based on mutual respect, and so I make sure that I include character lessons and model social-emotional learning whenever possible. This extends to my relationships with staff, parents, and other educators as well. 

"She quickly developed positive, trusting relationships with her students, partner teacher, and other professionals in the building."
C. Pelletier
Field 2 Instructor
"Ms. Brignall demonstrates a genuine caring for students and treats them with respect. She made it her priority to develop pedagogical relationships..."
L. Farrish
Partner Teacher
"Alisha knows and has a strong awareness of her students, their strengths and growth areas. She enjoys being with students as evidenced with the smiles and laughter."
J. Hall
Field 3 Instructor

In every lesson that I teach I make sure that I am questioning the resources that I am using. In this particular lesson on families, I was sure to consider all abilities, as well as cultural and racial diversity. Click HERE for the whole lesson plan.

In my practicum schools I have had the pleasure of a very diverse set of students. It was important to me that they saw representation in their learning, and so when my partner teacher and I were planning lessons in our fairy-tale unit I made sure to source books that showed a more inclusive and multicultural world. 

During my teaching I make sure that my mentor-texts are representative of the real world. This book about Rapunzel is a good example of one of the books that I used while lesson planning.