Fostering Effective Relationships

A teacher builds positive and productive relationships with students, parent/guardians, peers and others in the school and local community to support student learning. 

Establishing Inclusive Learning Environments

A teacher establishes, promotes and sustains inclusive learning environments where diversity is embraced and every student is welcomed, cared for, respected, and safe.

Engaging in Career-Long Learning

A teacher engages in career-long professional learning and ongoing critical reflection to improve teaching and learning.

Applying Foundational Knowledge About First Nations, Metis, and Inuit

A teacher develops and applies foundational knowledge about First Nations, Metis, and Inuit for the benefit of all students. 

Demonstrating a Professional Body of Knowledge

A teacher applies current and comprehensive repertoire of effective planning, instruction, and assessment practices to meet the learning needs of every student. 

Adhering to Legal Frameworks and Policies

A teacher demonstrates an understanding of and adherence to the legal frameworks and policies that provide the foundations for the Alberta education system.