A teacher engages in career-long professional learning and ongoing critical reflection to improve teaching and learning.

As part of my desire to continue to foster encouragement of my students’ lifelong learning I am integrating the following Professional Development Sessions into my practice:

Throughout many years I have consistently “seeking, critically reviewing and applying educational research to improve practice” so far as to create my own alternative educational conference to better help my own children and my future students. I absolutely love going to professional development sessions and they will continue to be a significant indicator of my professional learning. I feel that it is important to constantly be learning alongside my students and want to continue to model the concept of lifelong learning as long as I have the capacity to do so.

She took and appiled constructive feedback on lessons and she engaged in self-reflection after lessons on what worked and what could be improved next time.

L. Farrish Partner Teacher

I have recently shown how I am “actively seeking out feedback to enhance teaching practice” in my practicums and have included quotes from my partner teachers to exemplify that. I feel that it is important to continue to grow and learn from others around you, and I frequently call on my critical friends to share with me the feedback that they might have before, and after my lesson planning.

After lessons, she was open to recieveing feedback and was receptive to suggestions. She adjusted future lessons and worked towards improving her teaching practice.

M. McCoy Partner Teacher

In this way, I am “collaborating with other teachers to build personal and collective professional capacities and expertise.” I work better in collaborative environments and feel that collaboration is my key to success. Looking at my Professional Learning Critical Response from my EDUC 556 class, Professional Development and Lifelong Learning, I outline the ways in which I will continue to collaborate and grow my professional capabilities as I embark on my career.